The purpose of Electronic Tips for Callers is to provide ideas and share experience and opinions with all who are interested. These articles are by no means designed to compete with note services; my sole intention is to make Square Dance interesting for people and to help others in achieving the same. I would be very glad if these articles encourage the readers to think and be creative.

The articles provided at this site will probably never be finished. I plan to expand them with ideas as they will be (hopefully) coming to my mind. I would like to add at least one articles each year but I cannot promise anything.

I will appreciate any feedback, be it a typo pointed out, a comment about technical correctness of the information or my English (I am not a native English speaker), or anything else you might want to say. I will be especially glad if you come up with ideas for future articles and with topics of interest for you.

All the articles are available for a free reprint in caller and dancer magazines (or anywhere else) on non-commercial basis, provided that you notify me in advance. I can also send them to you in edit-friendlier versions (plain text with separate pictures).

Currently, each article is available in the PDF format. They are designed for printing on A4 DIN paper. Please let me know whether this is acceptable for you, or whether I shall experiment with some other formats (HTML?) and paper sizes (Letter?).

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If you are interested in announcements of changes at this site or in receiving the articles by e-mail, let me know. I declare hereby that the e-mail addresses provided to me will not be used for any other purposes nor shared with anybody else.

I hope you will find the articles interesting and useful. I will be glad to hear or read about your experience with using the information with your dancers. Good luck!

Tomáš "Doug" Machalík

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Last update: November 24, 2020